Hi , I am Shanthini aka Rani. Besides being a wife, a mother of 2 wonderful boys and a wellness enthusiast,I also have a creative side to me…I craft, make jewelry and can put together an Ikea furniture, all by myself!

My life changing moment came in 2017, when I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.It truly changed my perspective of pretty much everything! I came out of my comfort zone , from being embarrassed to talk about my diagnosis to writing about it in a blog for the world to read!! As I went on to do the conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, I learned a lot about alternative therapies and natural healing. I came across some wonderful survivors whose stories inspired and helped me make some radical changes in my lifestyle.Some of the holistic methods I tried, helped me a great deal mentally and physically to cope with the side effects of the conventional treatments.

This is my journey of healing and recovery , the things I learned along the way and how faith, hope and love continues to uplift and heal me.

I hope my blog will inspire and encourage others in their life, and journey.

Thank you for stopping by!