As it is my very first post in the new year, I would like to start on a positive note by talking about my resolutions or goals as you call them, for this year.No matter what they are called, like many people I make a lot of those and never complete or even get to them…lol! What do you care about my goals you might say.Well… you don’t! I am just making it public so I will be forced to achieve them:)

As I made my list I realized, many of these goals are not just for this year but should be for life ,which means I have a LOT of time to work on them ha ha!!(see what I did there?) What I mean to say is making plans and goals, big or small is very important during your cancer journey. It gives you HOPE.You will hear me talking about ‘hope’ a lot in my blog .

“Goal setting helps us be present and move forward,” says Lauren Garvey, MS, CRC, NCC, a counselor and facilitator at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Health. “A forward mindset and positivity are very important, especially during cancer treatment.”

So here goes:


    I mean organize not just my kitchen drawer… but meal planning, shopping ,better time management etc.Between my vegan diet, juicing and green smoothies, I feel like I am either shopping (for produce)cutting or blending constantly! It does take a major chunk of your time, but I am learning to meal prep, organize my shopping, make meal plans and manage everything efficiently.


    While I am not guilty of this all the time,it is something I do(or don’t do) which creates unnecessary stress and tension.So why not just do things on time, when they need to be done ? I don’t just mean for little tasks or paying bills but even something as big as taking a trip somewhere!


    While this was a marriage advice given by a friend who has been married for, lets say quite some time, I am extending this to other areas of my life.Sometimes we get caught up in the little things which don’t matter at all and forget the important things in life.I am sure many of you can relate to this.


    Yup, it helps to play Bobby McFerrin’s song if I have to.. My Dad used to hum this song whenever my mom was complaining..LOL!!I should have listened to him more:) Worrying does not change the outcome, but it sure does affect your health!! This is easier said than done for someone going through their cancer journey.Prayer, meditation, reading the bible are things that have helped me through this journey.


Last but definitely not the least this is a popular quote in many cancer groups, and its my goal too.I am just going to be so darn busy living my life to the fullest! Not because I am afraid of the future but because every day is a blessing and we have to make the most of it.

I also have some creative goals like;LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO and MAKE MORE JEWELRY…lets see how that goes:)